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Thy Kingdom Come


What are we missing these days ? What is it that we are missing so that we can start living the joys of Heaven here on Earth ? We are missing only one thing, that we decide that we belong only to God. Its what we are missing everyday in our lives, its what we are missing in our families, in all our institutions and above all in our Politicians who last only as long as their communication programmes.

What does all this mean ?

In 1925 Pope Pius XI instituted the Feast of Christ the King in his Encyclical Quas Primas, In the First,.He explained its introduction into Holy Liturgy
We like to take our teachings from the liturgy. In the texts of the Mass we have an explication of what is the nature of the Kingdom of Our Lord. In the preface there is an threefold expression of what it is to belong to the King of Heaven and of Earth.
Kingdom of Truth and of Life.
Kingdom of Holiness and of Grace
Kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace.
And in this we have our programme for our three days of pilgrimage.

As is our custom, we endeavour that our meditations dont leave out any important aspect, that our souls belong to God, that our institutions abide by His Divine Law.

In our pilgrimage we honour Christ as King of our souls and as King of our Nations.
It is asked that all talks and meditations conclude with concrete commitments and suggested resolutions.
So as to stay in the Marian character of our pilgrimage, it is as always recommended that the Rosary meditations be in keeping with the theme of our three days.

  Saturday 30th May 2009
  Sunday 31st May 2009
  Monday 1st June 2009

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